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Q1. What type of Internet access do you provide?
We Provied Optic Fibre Cable.
Q2. In How many days installation will be done?
It is based on the area.
If Access Point within 100 meters then the installation will be done on the same day. Otherwise within 2 days.
Q3. Can I purchase my own modem that will work with your service?
Yes, You can.
Q4. Is the modem price included in the monthly access fee or is will I be charged a rental fee each month?
Q5. Warranty of the modem provided by you?
Q6.Installation Price ?
Q7. What kind of documentation do I need to provide for connection?

Q1. Do you have 24/7 technical Support?
Q2. Is technical support available online or on the phone or email?
Q3. Do you provide a method of keeping customers up to date?
Q4. How often you visit your customer?
Q5. what security options are included?

Q1. Is there a cancellation fee for canceling early?
Q2. If there is a limit each month?
Q3. Is there any additional fees?

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